Wednesday, September 29, 2010

21st Footie Mania

Hey peeps!
First of, wishing all Muslims customers
(hope its not too late?)

Secondly, these are from previous orders that we have received.
All the themes were football, of Man Utd and Arsenal.

The order for Man Utd was Oh Cheezereo.
As you can see, the design is an updated version from a previous order.

As for Arsenal, it was Caramella flavor and for the design, I used piping jelly for the 1.0 version.
I find it quite messy but the colors sure popped!
Plus, added some figurines and also football nets (not seen here) to make it look more fun.

For the 2.0 version, flavor was Oh Cheezereo and I used the usual buttercream icing for the design, although it was neat, the colors were not as vibrant.

But, it all depends on the customer's preference.

The Man Utd badge design have definitely improved from my first one, i think :)
Also, on the right, was my first fondant boots! What do u think?

Till next time,

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