Thursday, October 28, 2010

24th *NEW* Sampler Kit

Hey folks!

We're glad to announce that we have come up with a sweet way for you to sample our delicious cupcakes..

Here is our SAMPLER KIT :

The sampler kit contains six pieces of 2 o.z-sized cupcakes. You can choose up to three flavors for your sampler kit.

The price for the sampler kit will be RM15.

Please email/sms/call us to place an order :)

Looking forward to baking this cuties up for you!

~Cupgateau Team

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

23rd Of Engagement Calls & Wedding Bells

Hello again!

I got some requests for engagement cupcakes from few friends.
Although I have not dabble in them, I decided that I should and would love to share with you all the results...

This one above was ordered by my ex-colleague as a present for her friend. The cupcakes were Oh!range :)

These pink cupcakes were for another colleague's engagement as well. Me and a couple of friends gave this as her engagement present. She loves Oh!Cheezereo and the color pink very2 much :)

My first official wedding cupcakes! Hehehehe...

And.. also my first fondant wedding cake !!
Buttercake with chocolate ganache filling

The groom's mother who is a great baker as well said my cake was delicious.
So I take it I passed?

Til then,