Thursday, February 4, 2010

17th Butterflies & Ladybugs

We received this order from Ms Ai Lan who wanted cupcakes in celebration of her daughter's birthday. She ordered Oh Cheezereo! with additional design that featured sweet butterflies and ladybugs. We're glad she likes them! Thank you for your order!

Royal icing toppers + silver beads made it super cute :)

Till next time,

16th Flea Market

On Nov 09, we had the chance to participate in KL Family Fair, a flea market style place that sells f&b, homemade trinkets, clothing and etc. We made 4 types of cupcake flavors that we thought could "fly" with the customers.

Bear in mind that the crowd were people visiting from outside town and even tourists, as it was held in a tourism centre's carpark. They even have stage where they held karaoke contest and aerobic dances accompanied by Malaysia's state songs. 1Malaysia as they say :)

So some of them don't fancy sweet stuff or they are not familiar with fancy flavors;
tourists were also a no-go cos cupcakes originally came from their country so they wouldn't wanna eat them here hehehe..

Sale was quite slow but it picked up during lunch hour and till the end of the fair around 4pm.

On top of cupcakes, my sister Lala, manage to make some cake pops, recipe courtesy of Bakerella. But the day was so hot, we were lucky the choc didn't melt all the way through.. ;|

These brownies was also baked by Lala. These babies are THE most yummy and gooey brownies I have ever tasted ! I'm telling the whole truth!

We made quite a sale despite a realllyy slow morning. Well, we're lucky we got to see some dancing action from the stage.. (the Sabahan song was really fun AND funny)
Thank you to Ma, Abah & Aiman + Aunty Anne and family who came to support us !

~ Wawa & Lala ~

15th Bikini Babe & Critters

We had a back to back order within 2 weeks, in Oct 09.
First order was for Ms Lily,
with a pool party themed, which she decided that bikini clad
bodies would be suited for the event.

The second was for Natalie, 5 yr old who likes flowers & garden critters.

We had some misunderstanding with both of these order,
we're truly sorry & regret the inconvenience caused.
We promise this sort of stuff won't happen again.
Thank you and sorry again.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello cupcakes lovers!
Its been awhile since our hiatus back in September. I got a new job and my sister had started college so we did not have time to update the blog.
BUT, now we have!!

We will post all the cupcake orders we made during our hiatus.
(yes, altho' the blog is somewhat dead but we still bake some cuppas)

Be sure to visit us from time to time, okay?

And we have some sweet lineup in store for

Don't forget to check up on us :)