Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8th July Babies

We made these darlings specially for cousins who is celebrating their birthdays in July. First we wanted to go with designs, but we did the cupcakes on short noticed, so just decided to make flavored cupcakes. And it turned out pretty delicious! Coming from aunts and cousins, not from moi!

We did 3 types of flavors :
"Oreo Cream"
chocolate cupcakes with Oreo cream frosting,

"Strawberry Shortcake"
vanilla cupcakes with strawberry cream frosting,

"Peanut Butter"
cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

Simply yummy to look at AND to eat I tell ya! :))

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

7th Manchester United for Bob

Our cousin, Munira have ordered from these football theme cupcakes yesterday. This was for Bob, Munira's boyf, 23rd surprise birthday! Its vanilla flavored cupcakes. The theme was again, Man Utd, but I think I have somewhat improved my skills in doing the MU logo. Let me remind you that the logo was really hard to do, with buttercream icing nonetheless! We also include some grass design to give the football field effect, plus football boots, ball & also the jersey bearing some of the Man Utd players. Go Red Devils! :D

Hope Bob liked it! And thank you for ordering!

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6th Mix & Match

We had an order from our aunt to bake some cupcakes for her son (our couz, Ian) & 3 other of her family members whose birthday fall on the month of July. Uncle Omar's theme was all about camera bcos according to Kak Naz (Ian's sister) he's obsessed with photography (her words, not mine!). Aunty Yen's theme was flowers, although I have to improve on my designs, heh heh.
Imran's theme was emm.. like Pak Nyah said, "just draw pictures of girls!". Hahaha... Ian's theme was football, with his favorite team being Man Utd. Hope they were satisfied with our cupcake!

Thanks for ordering!

~Wawa & Lala~

5th Golfer Dad

We made this for our dad on Father's Day. We didn't have enuff money to buy him a gift, so we decided to bake him some cupcakes! And the design was inspired by his love of golf. The cupcake is vanilla flavor. Nice..

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th Fairy Dust & Confetti Surprise


We made this f.o.c and specially to celebrate our family members' birthdays that falls on the month of April. Simple design includes fondant alphabets, "Fairy Dust", with green sugar dust, "Confetti Surprise" & some sprinkled with choc rice. This one is vanilla flavored cupcakes.

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3rd Confetti Surprise

Once again, we got an order for kindergarten kids, for their afternoon tea snack. No specific designs were asked, so we just decided to go with "Confetti Surprise", one with vanilla flavor (we also have this design in other flavors). Hope the kids were not on sugar high!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd Kindie Tea

This set was done few weeks after the birthday cupcakes. Our mum's colleague was the one who ordered these for kindergarten tea time or something. I can't remember. Its chocolate cupcake with boys n girls theme, hence the ball, bees and flowers.

How is it ?

The making of..

Fondant bees! My first time making it.
Learn it from Youtube if I'm not mistaken.
Cute eh?

Lala's cupcake batter. Smells good !
And taste even better !

The finished product, chocolate flavoured cupcakes.
Looks very moist &
fluffy !

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

1st The Beginning

This was one of our first creations. Vanilla cupcakes with icing on top. This was made for Lala's friend, Amira on her birthday. It's topped with fondant alphabets & flower with some colored sprinkles. Not bad for the first try eh? :)

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